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A Higher Perspective

Let us take you to new heights!

Aerial Photography & Video by SkyEYE

Capture the Moment

Aerial Photography

We can capture stunning aerial images that showcase your property or event.

Our drones are able to fly up to 400 feet high and 500m from the pilot.

Qualified Pilots

Our pilots are qualified and licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority.

We are ARPAS-UK Members

Aerial Video

We can shoot 4K video to capture the moment and make a lasting impression.

All our videos are professionally edited to a high standard.

it's time to reach for the sky!


Our prices are simple

We have a no nonsense approach to our pricing structure

Aerial photos

We charge a fixed price for each finished photograph.

You only pay for the ones you want.

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Flight Planning

On every job we need to produce a pre-flight survey and seek the needed permissions. This is a requirement for all drone operators

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Aerial Video

Our video rate includes the capture and professional editing of a quality video. Or we can record the video and you do the editing, it's up to you.

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We are professional drone operators and nice guys to boot.


Our crew is made up of some of the nicest people you can meet, plus they have a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the pursuit of excellence.

Sketch of Peter

Peter Jones

Peter is our chief pilot, he was trained by Resource Group and holds the RPQs qualification. He is our main contact with the CAA and oversees all flight operations.


The drone industry is quite a new market, our chief pilot Peter is a long time aviation enthusiast having grown up building and flying model planes and helicopters. He has worked as a surveyor in the electricity industry for over 20 years. With the advent of drone technology Peter saw this as an excellent opportunity to offer aerial imaging services to complement our traditional survey and design business.



Our offices are in Wrexham, North Wales but we travel throughout the UK.


Unit E

Coppi Industrial Est

Hall Lane



LL14 1TG

OUR experience

We have been a licensed remote aircraft operator for over  four years.

We also have many years of experience in survey  and design

Sketch of Sadie

Sadie Jones

Sadie works as ground crew and organises all the paperwork required for safe and legal flight operations, she also deals with the day to day admin of the business, if you talk to her nicely she may give you a discount.

Sketch of Ellice

Ellice Jones

Ellice is a qualified drone pilot and works on the creative side of things, producing beautiful cinematic footage for our clients.

She has a background in terrestrial photography having studied for a B-Tec at Yale College in Wrexham.


Below are photos from a few of our jobs.


Drones are fast becoming the

best way to see the world from a unique perspective.

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Need Help?

Email us directly or call us at 01978 808066.

We are ready to help capture a beautiful aerial view.


01978 808066

AVAILABLE - 9am - 5pm

Contact us today! We are ready and able to help you create something special!
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Sketch of Peter
Sketch of Sadie
Sketch of Ellice
Aerial map of quarry
Sketch of Peter
Sketch of Sadie
Sketch of Ellice
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